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Welcome to MotoNurk, the motorcycle museum in the historic part of Narva. We are located in the former boiler house on Gloria Bastion. We have curated a unique collection of two dozen motorcycles from the past century. The centerpiece of our exhibition is the German motorcycle DKW NZ-350, whose history dates back to the distant year of 1938. Having undergone numerous transformations in response to changing circumstances and the country's needs, this motorcycle will tell you the story of its time. In addition, MotoNurk invites you to get acquainted with German motorcycles Wanderer and Soviet motorcycles Izh, IMZ, and Ural. Inside the museum, you will also see the legendary car GAZ-21 – Volga. Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to take photos with motorcycles both inside the museum and to order a professional photoshoot outside the museum. In addition, we have an amazing opportunity to offer you a unique experience - riding a vintage motorcycle through our beautiful city. It is an unforgettable adventure that we will be delighted to organize for you.
Competition for the creation of a new art object in Narva from MotoNurk - graffiti on the wall of the building
Prize fund: 1000 EUR
MotoNurk announces a competition among artists to create unique graffiti that will decorate the wall of a building in Narva. MotoNurk is a private collection of vintage motorcycles located in a former boiler house on the Gloria Bastion, one of the historical parts of the city. In an effort to contribute to the development of the area, MotoNurk, with the support of the Just Transition Fund, wants to create a bright and memorable graffiti on one of the walls of its building.
Competition idea
The European Union has set a goal of becoming a climate-neutral economic region by 2050. Climate neutrality means restoring the balance of greenhouse gas emissions. Modern technologies are adapting to new environmental standards, but what will happen to retro technology? What will it look like in a world where climate neutrality becomes a reality? Will retro technology be available for use on the roads or will its place only be in museums? How can retro technology help achieve climate neutrality? MotoNurk invites artists to answer these questions through their creative works.
Graffiti theme
Retrotechnics in the era of climate neutrality
Place and scope of work
Address: Vestervalli 17a, Narva.
Wall size: 16x4.6 m (73.6 m²).
Graffiti size: at the discretion of the author, but not less than 9x3 m (27 m²). Maximum size 16x4.6 m (73.6 m²).
The terms of participation
1. Both individuals and legal entities can participate.
2. Graffiti must contain at least one vintage motorcycle - real or fictional.
3. The remaining elements of the composition are at the discretion of the author, but the graffiti must be in harmony with the historical part of Narva.
4. The winner of the competition himself selects and purchases the necessary materials and equipment, and also creates graffiti on the wall himself. If necessary, MotoNurk will provide a 5 meter high folding aluminum ladder.
• 17.06 - 31.07.2024 – Submission of work: The author provides a sketch of the work and explanatory text of up to 3000 characters to Sketch format: PDF, JPG, PNG. Be sure to indicate the size of the graffiti (at least 9x3 m) and the materials (paints) that will be used.
• 01.08 - 04.08.2024 – Summing up: A commission of representatives of MotoNurk and the Department of Architecture and Planning of the City of Narva will select the winner.
• 05.08.2024 – Publication of the winner’s name.
• 05.08 - 15.08.2024 – Conclusion of an agreement with the winner. 30% of the amount is paid before the start of work, 70% after its completion. Money is transferred only to a current account of 1000 euros with tax.
• 08.15 - 10.15.2024 – Creation of graffiti on the wall of the MotoNurk building.
Each participant in the competition gives MotoNurk consent to publish their name, sketch and explanatory text on the Internet.

Photos of the wall with dimensions can be viewed on our Facebook page.
DKW SB 200DKW NZ 350
Wanderer motorcycleWanderer moto
DKW NZ 350DKW NZ 350
DKW NZ 350-1Иж 350
Iz 350Иж 49
K 125Иж 56Iz 56
M-72УралHarley-Davidson MT350

Night of Museums 2024

On May 18, the Night of Museums took place all over the country. MotoNurk actively participated in this event for the second time!
The number of guests who visited MotoNurk during the Night of Museums was once again impressive! The tours were very popular, indicating a growing interest in the history of motorcycles. This inspires us for further development and new projects.
Thank you all for your support and participation! See you again at MotoNurk!
Photos and videos can be found on the MotoNurk Facebook page.

Museum opening hours in 2024

Opening hours May-October. Tue 15:00-19:00, Thu 15:00-19:00, Sun 10:00-14:00. Please contact us first, and we will be happy to arrange a meeting (tel: +372 55959334, e-mail:

Museum visit: 5 euros per person
Retro motorcycle ride: starting from 15 euros
Retro car ride: starting from 50 euros

We need your help to create a museum. We will be grateful to everyone who will help create a motorcycle museum.
Transfer details
Recipient: Mittetulundusühing MotoNurk
Beneficiary account: EE974204278625923303
Explanation: Museum support
You can also donate money or provide other assistance in the creation of a museum at Vestervalli 17a, Narva.

Retro & Custom Show 2023

The shine of chrome, the roar of engines, and the retro atmosphere! In Narva, a new event made its debut - Retro & Custom Show. This event became a true celebration for all fans of retro vehicles and custom style. The esteemed motorcycle club Magnum MC Narva, with extensive experience in organizing motor events, acted as the organizer. The former workshops of a freshly renovated furniture factory provided the perfect venue for the event, creating a unique atmosphere and embodying the spirit of retro. On-site, there were fascinating workshops, live music, and even a tattoo salon and a barber, taking care of the style and appearance of the visitors. Special thanks to Magnum's chefs for their culinary magic!
Retro Custom Show

The opening of the MotoNurk motorcycle museum took place during the Night of Museums.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited the opening of our MotoNurk motorcycle museum. Thank you for your support and kind words that we continue to receive from you.
The opening day was magnificent! In the first hour alone, the museum was visited by about 100 people, and we were pleasantly surprised by such immense interest. We were delighted to see so many individuals eager to delve into the history of motorcycle technology and get acquainted with it up close.

Classic Riders Winter Rally 2023

On February 10-11, Narva-Jõesuu hosted the tenth international festival of vintage motorcycles, which brought together about thirty vintage motorcycles from Estonia and Finland. The weather was snowy, and the new forest track was not easy. Despite this, the participants were satisfied. Many expressed hope for a similar event next year. Photos and videos can be found on Facebook.
Classic Riders Winter Rally

Thermos - MotoNurk

For sale: thermoses MotoNurk, made of a double layer of stainless steel, 500 ml, price 20 eur. Thermos can be purchased at Vestervalli 17a, Narva. It is also possible to send thermos ithin Estonia via a parcel machine. Info: 55959334,

The museum got its name - MotoNurk

In October 2022, members of the Classic RIders club registered a non-profit organization whose activities will be centered around the motorcycle museum. The organization, and with it the museum, was named MotoNurk, which means a motorcycle corner. All information about the creation of the motorcycle museum, as well as its activities and services can be found on the page, as well as in the social networks of the museum.

HOOANDJA.EE: Creation of a museum of vintage motorcycles in Narva

In June 2022, the Classic Riders club launched a fundraising campaign on the co-financing platform Hooandja to create a motorcycle museum in Narva. Thanks to you, the club managed to achieve most of the goals set. More information about the campaign can be found on the Hooandja website: Hooandja.
moto Narva
Riding on vintage motorcycle or in a car in Narva
Фотосессия Нарва
Photoshoot with a vintage motorcycle or car
For sale



Moto museum Motonurk:
Narva, Vestervalli 17a
+372 55959334
MotoNurk - moto museum in Narva, which allows you to go back in time. We have put together a collection of motorcycles for you, reflecting the development of science and technology, as well as having historical and cultural value.
Annual report: 2022

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